Pan Amusements prepares to launch two new attractions

To add to its range of world leading electronic shooting galleries and midway games, Pan Amusements will launch two new attractions at EAS in late September. Managing Director Paul Whittaker says, "One of the features of the last few years is that operators are looking for versatile amusements in size with a realistic outlay. We've responded to that."

Professor Fumble a mad scientist is a themed midi-sized shooting gallery positioned at a price point between Pan's fully themed multi-station galleries and the tremendously successful Sideshow Mini Gallery which is distributed worldwide by SEGA. The design of Professor Fumble is based very much on what many operators have said to us at the shows where we have recently exhibited. For an outlay of around £20,000 an operator will get an excellent gallery with a proven fast pay-back time and the high standards of animation, play value and reliability that Pan Amusements is renowned for.

Second up is Clownin' Around, a midway water game where two players compete against each other to drive a ball up a channel with water jets. "We've had huge success with this type of game over the years," says Paul Whittaker, but it is vital to make regular changes in theme. It is a well-established concept but still amazingly popular.

Pan has developed its business over the years by expanding beyond the traditional theme park market and into new countries. "It's just as important that we also improve the standards of our products and build new additions to our range," adds Paul Whittaker.

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Pan calls the tune with new developments

Pan Amusements, world leaders in the manufacture of electronic shooting galleries, continues to build on a most successful start to the year. Managing Director Paul Whittaker comments that there has been a strong revival in the sales of its bespoke and themed galleries adding "We have recently taken orders from Brazil, Australia and, a first for us, Azerbaijan, with an 8-player Hillbilly gallery."

Sales from the Oldham based operation have not only expanded worldwide but also beyond its traditional markets of theme parks and FEC's. "Our galleries are now regularly found operating in general leisure venues, restaurant halls and large retail outlets demonstrating their universal appeal," says Paul Whittaker.

Pan's other major success story is the introduction of a mini gallery Sideshow that has been boosted by meeting 'a need of the times' for a smaller investment amusement with a fast and proven pay-back record. SEGA has worldwide selling rights for Sideshow which sells for under 10,000. Its success has prompted Pan to develop a midi-sized gallery which will be launched soon and will be positioned at a price point between Sideshow and Pans fully themed multi station galleries. It will benefit from the same standards of play value, animation and reliability that are the hallmark of Pans success over 40 years.

Paul Whittaker adds, "Improvements to our products and additions to the range have always been a priority and are even more important today as is the need to market them through a continuous presence at the major international exhibitions."For further information contact Pan on +44(0) 161 652 8092

Pan scores highly at IAAPA with new shooting gallery

repair Shop, Pan Amusements new themed electronic shooting gallery, was an instant hit at IAAPA which delighted Managing Director Paul Whittaker. "Remarkably the gallery, which made up part of our stand, was sold within an hour of the show opening and we also received a number of other firm commitments."Not only a new theme, Repair Shop is another milestone in market leader Pans commitment to constantly improve both the movement and electronic control of its galleries. "Although our galleries are a traditional amusement we have to be aware of the high standards of the latest characterisation and animation," says Paul Whittaker. "After all we invented this kind of attraction so we have to set the benchmark." The new gallery features multi-action elements on all targets which were really appreciated by potential customers.All galleries in both standard and bespoke themes have an all-age and international appeal. Pan, making its 15th consecutive appearance at the show,

noticed that this year there were far more visitors from South America, particularly Brazil, Chile and Columbia. India and China also offer huge potential for the company. The Sideshow midway game which was mainly promoted on the SEGA stand continues its phenomenal success and has a new bonus feature to increase its attraction. SEGA now has a worldwide distribution agreement with Pan for Sideshow and both companies are looking forward to large increases in sales for the game which appeals to both theme parks and FECs."Our presence at this show continues to excite and surprise us and never fails to deliver business," adds Paul Whittaker.For further information contact Pan Amusements on +44(0)161 652 8092.

New amusements fire Pan expansion

The world's leading manufacturer of electronic shooting galleries, Pan Amusements, had an extremely successful show at London's EAG 2012. Managing Director Paul Whittaker comments, "I think it demonstrates that our recent developments in mini and midi sized shooting galleries and a new midway game, in response to worldwide trading conditions, is certainly paying off."

Pan took the unusual step not to display any of its trademark larger themed or bespoke galleries but instead focused on Sideshow - a 3-gun gallery, Professor Coggins - a 4-gun gallery and Clownin' Around - a 2 player water game. Clownin Around was also promoted on the SEGA and Crown stands - another indication of the popularity and potential of this new amusement."

Because of our reputation we still received many enquiries for our larger galleries including confirmation of the sale of an 8-gun Repair Shop which although ordered by a Turkish company is due for location in Iraq. Even so the more economically priced galleries were those that caught the eye. There is no doubt that operators are looking for versatile amusements which take up less space with a realistic outlay. Shorter payback times are also well in demand," says Paul Whittaker."

Our expansion both in the type of location served and the range of products we offer means that we have been able to build sales in times of general economic difficulty" he adds.

Pan Amusements welcomes customers old and new to Stand 1000

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First ever single player shooting gallery from Pan Amusements

The worlds leading manufacturer of electronic shooting galleries, Pan Amusements, has launched its first ever single player shooting gallery.

Recently Pan has had phenomenal success with new compact 3 and 4-player galleries which appeal to amusement arcades, FECs and theme parks that are looking for economically priced attractions. One theme, Sideshow, is particularly popular and the new single gallery boasts the same theme and the same wide appeal.

Paul Whittaker, Managing Director of Pan comments, "Following the success of our 3 and 4-player galleries there is huge interest in a single player. Its a sign of the times but amazing that we have never done it before. One thing that operators can be sure of is that it is made to Pans high standards of design, electronic operation and play value."

The Sideshow single player packs nine exciting targets into a small area including spinning plates, clowns bowtie, stars, spirals and ducks. All targets have sound effects and are boosted by background music and an encourage to play hit the bullseye voice."

Our large trademark galleries which operate in venues worldwide are still very popular but we have to respond to market conditions which remain uncertain for the leisure industry" adds Paul Whittaker.

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